Green Diamonds describes the transformation journey in a sicio ecological way for people, communities and organisations driven by project pilots
Green Diamonds describes the transformation journey in a sicio ecological way for people, communities and organisations driven by project pilots

Our new Mobile Home

Being inspired from the Abenteuer-Allrad, some red wine discussions, studies of magazines and internet forums the decision based on a pickup truck (PU) together with a demountable living cabin was made.

Further on the PU needs to be found. Test drives with the main players on the market
Ford Ranger  | Isuzu D_MAX | Nissan Navara | Toyota Hilux are planned.

We have not considered the VW Amarok and the new Mercedes X-Class based on Nissan platform because of the high tech used in these concepts. Our vehicle should be robust and easy to fix technology – while accepting the more basic functions and maybe not so excellent driving behaviour in highway environment.

At the end of this process this car was it – our Fi. a …

Toyota Hilux | Extra Cab | 2.4 l Diesel | 185 gr/km CO2 Emissions | Euro 6 classified | 4 wheel drive | differential lock | manual gear box | air condition | modified with OME 4×4 suspension kit  | power boost 170 PS / 480 Nm | Delta aluminium wheels (8J17H2 ET30 Type Adventure 8017) | BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires (TA K02 265/65R17 112T) | Safari snorkel | aluminium under body protection.
The modifications were made by Hurter Offroad Leutkirch.

Our Toyota Hilux ExCab named FI

The reasons for this decision were mainly:

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Maintenance for the Toyota Hilux is available across the globe
  • excellent well-proven PU truck technology
  • Extra Cab because of the longer truck bed
  • 2.4 l diesel engine is a powerful solution
  • modifications for better traction, higher ground clearance, carrying the “heavy load”

The living cabin a Cramer Fernweh Mobil was chosen. It is a good harmony of function, size/weight and well feeling. Benno and his team convinced us in their trustful manner that he is the right partner for our explorer dreams.

Specification: isolated glass fibre cabine  | raising roof including mosquito net | roof window | Bed in alcove 160 x 210 cm | 2 kW diesel heating system Webasto Air Top 2000 STC| 32 ltr. Waeco cooling box | 2 flams gas cooker  | 50 ltr. water tank | 10 ltr. draintank | Thetford Porta Poti | 95 AH battery | 100 W solarmodul roof mounted | charge controller to charge battery via the vehicle | 270 ° Foxwing awning | sand sheet holder |  canister holder for 20 ltr. canister | rear ladder

Dimension: closed roof 350 cm length, 188 cm width, 163 cm height up to 230 cm height with open roof, weight empty 200 kg full packed approx. 600 kg.

Cramer Wohnkabine

The entrance is on the back side – window at each side incl. mosquito net and blackout rollo.

The bed has a wooden bed base and a 80mm mattress. All furniture is glass fibre to reduce weight and to be as robust as possible against humidity and mechanical  stress.

As Benno is assembling the cabin with a small team the delivery time seems to be quite long – but fortunately a preordered contract was cancelled and we stepped in. Benno started the work on our cabin in December 2017.

Good progress was made in January

More information (pdf)