all about Travel, freedom, nature, sustainability, discovery
all about Travel, freedom, nature, sustainability, discovery

The Idea

Discover the Green Diamonds and be part of the travel network

We are on a trip across the borders of countries, ethnics, religions, politics and of our minde.
We are independent from any organization / company we are traveling on our own decision and costs.

We are all creatures, feeling as a symbiose of earth, nature and life

© Roland Ehry
© Roland Ehry

We are documenting our trips, showing our own development, documenting another way of traveling and introducing the good people we meet.

We are looking for good life …

  • with time to understand,
  • with the ability to enjoy,
  • with the openness to make friends
  • in harmony with nature

Trying to …

  • minimize our resource consumption
  • using local structures
  • supporting people with sustainable values
  • open minded in new technologies
  • and believing in the human community

Important for us is:

© Roland Ehry
© Roland Ehry

The route we take will be a Green path across Europe, Africa and Asia linking people, organizations, companies and places to strengthen their awareness to their good deliverables.

We believe in gentle Tourism and traveling around the earth can help to accept the diversity instead of separating.

In this Green network every spot is a precious diamond which influences others to build on a good world.

Green Diamonds are typically engaged in

  • Sustainable / bio agriculture / permaculture
  • Social work and inclusion work
  • Driving GREEN projects
  • Developing ecological infrastructure
  • Building small communities of “new” participation / living models

If you want to support us, share the information and give us your INPUT to any Green Diamond on our route.

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